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My perspective

Our fast-paced, incredibly stimulating, modern world can create feelings of stress, overwhelm, and anxiety for many of us.

To navigate this I feel there are two primary guidelines we can align with.

One, deeply considering the relationship we have with technology, understanding the immense value it brings to our lives whilst being aware of the challenges it presents for our mental health.

Two, reconnecting with how we as humans are evolutionarily designed to navigate our world through prioritising our relationship with nature, movement, sleep, food, ourselves, and the inner voice in our mind.

Through this awareness I deeply believe we can move from an overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious experience towards an energetic, motivated, connected, and happy one.

How Can I Help?

The 8 Pillars of Mental Health

Up to 80% of our self talk can be critical and judgemental
Data from The National Science Foundation
25% of us expierience clinical mental health challenges, where our validation comes from has a huge influence on this
Data from Mind Charity for Mental Health
47% of our time is spent in the future or the past, not immersed in our present experience
Data from The Havard Gazette
the average individual actively moves their body for just 19 minutes per day
Data from Washington Post
40% of people in the UK spend 15 minutes a day outside
Data from HR Review
The average adult in the UK sleeps less than 6 hours per night
Data from National Sleep Foundation
90% of adults don’t meet the nutritional guidelines on fruit and vegetables
Data from WebMD Health Corp.
9.5 hrs
The average individual spends 9.5 hours a day immersed in technology
Data from Vision Direct Screen Time Analysis

Meet Tj

I'm a Psychological Wellbeing Consultant, The Director of Mental Health and
Wellbeing at Whitecalm, The Wellbeing Company and the Co-Founder of ME.

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